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KakaNaru : DATE 911 by cjalyssa KakaNaru : DATE 911 by cjalyssa
Disclaimer: Fine! I don’t own Naruto, rub it in will yah! –Glares then pouts-

Note: this fic has nothing to do with Date 101, which is an AU to begin with and will be a SasuNaru fic. I was hesitating whether I’m going to post it now or after I finish date 101. But what the heck! It’s already here so let’s get on with this. This story is cut in two parts, because I’m too lazy to type the other part yet.

Warning: a stupid, stupid, stupid story. Slight OOCness…

//My thought//

‘Naruto’s thought’

‘Kyuubi’s thought’

(Random people’s thoughts)

Date 911

30 hours before the awaited event…

Newly stated Jounin 17 year old Uzumaki Naruto, a shinobe of the Hidden Village of Leaf, was very giddy at that glorious midmorning. Who wouldn’t be? After all, tomorrow night, exactly 7 o’clock, is Shinobe’s spring dance, the first ever spring dance that he could ever attend since he became a shinobe. And he was very excited to go to this dance; he even purchased a suit and shoes last week just for the event.

But there’s just a teenie weenie ittie bittie problem that hinders his plan on going on that dance.

He got no date.

Tsunade (‘that old hag!’ Naruto thought crossly), the Gondaime, declared a new rule that no Shinobe must enter the hall where the dance is taking place without a date.

Of course, that rule has got something to do with the two sennin being together. Not that any of them would ever admit it, mind. But still even they constantly fight and annoy each other to the brink of insanity no one could ever deny the fact that they like, love, and respect each other deeply. But their show of affection is really funny; it involves some snide remarks, a lot of punches, followed by broken furnitures or sake bottles, few angry growls, and some //snicker// groans and moans.

But let’s get back to the pressing problems of the naked //blush// blond boy, who was taking a shower to clean himself after replenishing his stack of food in the kitchen.

‘How the hell could I whip up a date to accompany me tomorrow??’ Naruto thought, narrowing his eyes at his reflection at the mirror. He had just been from an A class mission which took him a week to finish, and when he arrived he learned the rule that will be implemented on the party. The NO DATE NO ENTER rule. it made him so annoyed, especially since at the moment he is still single. Never been touched, never been kissed. //Wait! That doesn’t seem right, he was already been kissed by Sasuke back then on the academy, however accidental it was, it was still a kiss. So maybe it is never been touched, never been kissed willingly?//

‘I’m sure you can find someone kit, you’re not bad looking.’ The Kyuubi, a nine-tailed demon sealed in the teen, commented. Both of them have been able to communicate ever since the Akatsuki episode in their life.

The blond, upon hearing the comment, scrutinized himself at the mirror. He suddenly had a growth spurt when he turned 15 and is still growing, thus he is now 5’7. He has a good body too, lean yet muscular and still has curves on the perfect places //especially ass//. He also has an even golden tan skin, and a flawless skin thanks to the Kyuubi’s healing abilities.

His face is angelic to say the least, framed by a sunkissed hair. He has a nice cheekbones, straight nose, perfect eyebrows, supple cherry lips that looks like it is begging to be kissed. And he has those clear cerulean eyes that everyone who’d seen it can’t help but be mesmerized.

‘Well I suppose you’re right, I’m a looker after all.’ He stated grinning appraisingly at himself, making his blue eyes sparkle.

‘Smug brat,’ the demon snorted, but silently agreeing. His vessel is after all a handsome lad, no one just notice it because of his baggy outfits.

“Guess I’ll just ask Sakura-chan later,” he murmured.

‘You do that…’ Kyuubi stated dismissively

28 hours and 43 minutes left…

Naruto was waiting restlessly at the lobby room of the hospital, where his friend Haruno Sakura worked part-time, when he spotted his friend he cheerily waved and called out, “Sakura-chan!”

A pink-haired girl upon hearing her name spun around and saw her loudmouthed teammate rushing to her side. She smiled fondly since now she treated the blond like his very own brother. “Hello, Naruto-kun!” she greeted back.

“Uhmm… Listen Sakura-chan, you know about the dance tomorrow, right?” seeing a nod he continued blabbering “and you know the new rule right?” seeing another nod he jittery began talking again before the kunoichi could ask what the hell is going on, “so uhmmm… wouldyahliketogotothedancewithme?” he asked in a record-breaking time, flat 1 second.

“Come again?” Sakura asked in confusion. All she understood are the words would and me.

Taking a deep breath the blond tried calming himself. It’s not that he’s afraid to ask Sakura, they are friends after all but still…

‘You’re just afraid ‘cause no one had ever dated you before,’ his sealed demon snickered.

Annoyed at the snickers of the fox, not to mention he hit the bull’s eye, or in this case, Naruto’s pride, “Sakura-chan, would you go out with me on that dance?” he pleaded.

“Ohh... I’m sorry Naruto-kun. But I’m going with someone tomorrow.” The girl stated sadly, green-eyes filled with apology.

“Ahh, OK.” He said calmly, somehow he’s even more relieved than frustrated that she refused him.

“I’m really sorry,” the girl repeated again before turning around and walking away.

‘Oh well, maybe I’ll just ask Hinata-chan, ne?’ Naruto asked sadly.

‘Hnh, I’m sure she would not refuse you’

27 hours and 43 minutes left…

“Hey, Hinata-chan!”

A dark-haired girl with white eyes stared as a blurred figure came running straight to her screaming like a girl. And nearly fainted when she realized who it was. “N-Naruto-kun?”

“Hey, I’mwonderingifyouwouldgotothedancewithme?” the blond asked breathlessly.

Being one of the few people who understand Naruto’s inadequate breathless speech, she nearly cried when she heard the question.

“I-I’m s-sorry N-Naruto-kun, b-but I’ve got a m-mission tomorrow.”

“Well, that’s Ok Hinata-chan.” He said panicking, trying to appease the close to breaking down girl.

“B-but I r-really want to go w-with you but that mission-” before the sentence was finished, the girl
turned around and fled.

Distinctly he heard a sob and a choked “life is so unfair!”

‘She really is queer’ the teen mused.

‘And you’re dense,’

‘Huh?’ Naruto asked confusion evident on his face.

‘Never mind, just asked that Yamanaka girl.’ The nine-tailed demon said chuckling.


27 hours and 03 minutes left…

“You’re joking right?” a pretty girl with a pony-tailed haired asked skeptically.

“Uhh, no,” Naruto replied, shuffling his feet, clearly embarrassed at the way the girl is sizing him up. He tugged the sleeves of his black and orange jumpsuit nervously, waiting for the answer.


He inwardly cringed as the cold word ‘NO’ sunk in.

“I’m not going into that dance with just anybody, I’m going with Sasuke-kun,” and with an annoyed huff the girl walked away.

He scratched his head sheepishly ‘Hmm… I wonder if Sasuke knows that Ino is going with him to that dance?’

‘Maybe not.’

Seeing the almost skipping Ino at the pavement he silently agreed.

26 hours and 48 minutes left…

‘Ne, Kyuubi-chan, whom else could I ask huh?’ he asked wonderingly.

‘Why don’t you ask your friend Shikamaru?’ the demon suggested.

‘B-but Shika is a guy!’ he objected.

‘So? You liked guys too don’t you? Besides your crush K-’

‘All right, all right, I get the idea’ he relented walking to the place where he knew Nara Shikamaru is, grumbling about ‘stupid demons who should keep out of their vessel’s sexual preferences.’

26 hours and 25 minutes left…


“Why not?” Naruto asked poutingly, as far as he knows the Nara heir doesn’t have a date for the
dance either.

“I’m not going.” Shikamaru answered while lying on the ground, heads stuck between his hands and watching the clouds. They are currently on the rooftop of a tall building, the teen’s favorite spot of doing his favorite hobby, the ever-tiring-and-physically-exhausting-and-too-troublesome-to-do-otherwise-hobby also known as cloud watching.

“Why not?” the blond asked again.

“Tsch, it’s too troublesome.” The teen with pony-tail deadpanned.

“C’mon Shikamaru, I really really want to go to the dance.” The blond pleaded while mustering his best innocent and teary-eyed expression to his friend, hoping he’ll change his mind and come with him.

No such luck, because the said friend doesn’t even bat an eyelash on his innocent and teary eyes look.

“No, I’m just going to watch the clouds here.”

“Shika,” he tried again, sighing in exasperation, “the dance is night, you can’t watch clouds.”

“Well I guess I’ll just sleep.” Shikamaru stated flatly, then shifted slightly on his lying position so he’s back is facing his friend.

Dejected, Naruto left the building…

25 hours and 48 minutes left…

“Stupid Shika, and his stupid laziness,” a blond boy growled causing all those people who looked at him back away in panic.

He was walking at the main streets trying to ease the annoyance that he felt that his so called friend would actually refused to go with him.

“Naruto-kun?” a hesitant voice asked.

Naruto whirled toward the source of the voice and was a bit shock to see a white pearl orbs staring worriedly at him. “Oh, Neji-kun! What are you doing here?”

“Nothing, I was just passing by.” Neji answered, smiling slightly. Ever since the day they fought in the Chuunin exam the two of them have become good friends. (“hopefully become more than friends” Neji thought)

‘Hmm…’ the blond put on a contemplative face and looked at the Hyuuga prodigy with squinted eyes.


“That’s it!” he cried pumping his fist on the air making the teen in front jumps in surprise. He smiled widely and asked “Neji-kun, would you like to go to the dance with me?”

Various reactions filled the other Jounin’s face, surprise, happiness and-- sadness “Ohh… I’m sorry Naruto-kun, but I’ve already said yes to Tenten-san.”

“Aww... That sucks. Oh well then I’ll just be going.” Naruto waved then turned around to leave. His steps faltered when he heard the prodigy murmured “fate is so unfair”

Sighing, he continued walking, ‘like cousin, like cousin, both are queer’ he thought.

‘As I said Kit, you’re really dense,’

‘And why is that?’ he asked annoyed.

The Kyuubi just rolled his eyes.

25 hours and 06 minutes left…

It’s getting dark, but the blond boy is still walking aimlessly around trying to find a solution to his problem.

‘Well, why don’t you ask your friend in Suna?’

‘Gaara?’ he asked a little surprised, then ‘Oh, yeah!’ then with a renewed spirit he runs excitedly home.

23 hours and 24 minutes left…

“Ahh! Finished!” Naruto yelled in triumph amidst a pile of crumpled papers and flood of ink. His hair is in disarray, cheeks covered in ink and his clothes are rumpled. He read aloud his finished letter.

Dear Gaara,

How are things in Suna? I guess being a Kazekage is a tough job huh? I’m fine here in Konoha, and so are our friends. And we are going to have a Spring Dance. I’m really excited to go there. But Tsunade-baa-chan declared a stupid rule that we can’t attend unless we have a date, so I’m wondering if you would like to go to the dance with me? I’ll be waiting for your reply.

Your friend,


‘This is Ok ne, Kyuu-chan?’ he asked, smiling.

After the demon-fox nodded his agreement he proceeded on tying his letter on a dove. He channeled a chakra on the dove so it would reach Suna just in 5-6 hours time. ‘I just hope he would not throw a fit of being waken in the middle of a night just for a date,’

‘Well the worst he could do is go here at Konoha to kill you, but at least you could ask him as a death wish to go with the dance with you,’ Kyuubi said blandly.

‘Gee, thanks, that makes me a whole lot better,’ he said scathingly, walking to the bed and leaping on it, ‘I’m going to sleep now, ‘night Kyuu-chan.’

‘Good night Kit,’

11 hours and 10 minutes left…

Naruto was rudely awoken of his dream, which involves him dancing with his crush in the middle of the dance floor, by a loud tapping noise.

He blinked a bit groggily and looked at the clock that read 7:50 am, he groaned aloud and intends to sleep again when he realized that the tapping came from his window. He immediately opened the window and the dove walked in, a letter tucked in his foot. When he successfully pried the letter, the dove flew immediately to the sky, afraid to be sent again to another country and back again in just a short time. If he will be sent again, he’s sure that he will drop dead from the sky from too much exhaustion.

After Naruto brushed the remnants of sleep in his eyes, he read the letter.

Dear Naruto,

I’m glad that all of you are well in Konoha. But I’m sorry Naruto I can’t go with you to the dance. I’m afraid I’ve got too many paper works to do here and I can’t just leave my post as a Kazekage here. I’m really sorry. I hope you can find a suitable date before the dance.

Your friend,


He felt sadness over come his heart when he read the words ‘I’m really sorry’ over and over again.
‘I’m starting to hate that word,’ he mused. He was about to tucked away the letter when he saw more writings at the end of the paper. He read it and felt chills creep up his spine, followed by a twitch and… dread…

PS you guys are so cute I’ll soo gonna take your picture when you’re together and post in my site. Go Yaoi! –Temari

PPS How dare you hit on my brother this time of the night, you punk?! When I see you I’m gonna pummel you to death! – Kankuro

‘Kyuu-chan, when these two visit here at Konoha remind me to hide myself or better yet we’ll migrate at the farthest country and we’ll just sell hotdog’s there,’ he absent-mindedly said while shivering inwardly. It’s not that he’s afraid of the two, really, he can beat them anytime. It’s just that a crazy Yaoi fanatic girl and a delusional ‘protective’ older brother, who thinks that his painted face and cat outfit is cool, not to mention sleep deprived, were both a forced to be reckoned with, and Naruto has no intention of leaving the world of the living just yet.

‘Maybe you should have asked that Kankuro person too,’ the nine-tailed demon snickered.

‘You have a sick sense of humor Kyuu-chan. I’d rather not go to the dance if he’s my date.’ He growled.

‘And if this keeps up, you won’t be really able to go to the dance,’ the demon reminded him.

He looked at the clock again and saw that it is already 8:20. He quickly took a shower and dressed.
“Well,” he sighed, walking out of his house “desperate times calls for desperate measures,”

‘Who are you going to ask?’ Kyuubi asked curiously.

‘You’ll see…’

10 hours and 05 minutes left…





“… So Shino… will you come with me to the dance?” Naruto asked exasperatedly after having a staring match at the Aburame for nearly 10 minutes without blinking. //I don’t know ‘bout Shino though, he had a shades so I can’t confirm if he blinked or not//


Naruto, nearly losing his patience, bit his lower lip to stop himself from strangling the life out of Shino. It’s not good to be so violent especially if the would-be-victim has something up in his sleeves. Literally. It doesn’t help either that they are in the forest where in every nook and crook hides the bugs.

“.. I’m sorry, Naruto but I’m going on a mission later.” The teen impassively said.

The blond almost breathe a sigh of relief when the bug-user declined his offer. He thought that if he was his date, the date will be vvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy bbbbbbbooooooorrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiinnnnn nnnnnnggggggggg. Imagine not being able to talk, ohh, the horror of it!

“Oh, that’s ok Shino, I’ll just ask someone, Ja!” he turned back and waved, before running away to find someone whom will accompany him to the dance without being bored out of his mind.

4 hours and 15 minutes left…

‘Damn it! I’ve got no time left!’ a running Naruto thought panicking. ‘Damn that old hag! Why did she pick up that time to asked for help!’

Actually, ‘asked’ is such a weak word. It’s more like ‘order’. A ‘harsh order’. A ‘harsh order’ that if he didn’t comply he’ll end up in hospital or… cemetery. After he asked Shino he was cornered by a frantic Shizune, and he has to spent 5 grueling hours in accompanying the Gondaime in --- //da, da dun da nun!!!// --- finding a dress for the dance… Why did he have to accompany the Gondaime, you ask? Well, he was ‘asked’ to give his opinion about the dress. Though, after a lot of head bashing he learned to keep his opinion to himself. And he couldn’t sneak out too because Tsunade was holding him by the scruff of his neck. He was only released when they had found the ‘perfect dress’ as the blond woman wont to call it.

“Oi, Naruto, why are you running?” a loud voice from a tall tree made him stop and look up.

“None of you’re--” he trailed off his scathing reply when he realized that the teen at the tree could help him with his problem. He walked at the base of the tree where Akamaru is sleeping and without breaking eye contact, asked sweetly, “say, Kiba, would you like to go to the dance with me?”

“What you haven’t got a date for the dance yet?” Kiba asked mockingly, obviously unfazed with the other teen’s effort of trying to look cute.

“Why else would I ask you Dogbreath, if I already had a date?” The blond stated then rolled his eyes, completely dropping his cutesy act. He decided to just use brash and meaner means, “so are you going to the dance with me or not?” he asked crossing his arms on his chest and tapping his foot impatiently.

“Well, I can’t go with you, I’m going with Shino,” the Inuzuka heir stated smugly.

“Are you going out with Shino?” Naruto asked curiously.

“Uhuh,” Kiba answered while nodding furiously with a little smile.

“But Shino is going for a mission now,” he said plainly.

Slitted eyes widens in shock. “He will go on a what?!”

Naruto watched in amazement as Kiba fell on the tree due to surprise and landed on his dog. The massive dog yelped, when he was awaken by his master’s weight on his back.

Now if this is a normal day the Inuzuka would surely be apologizing to his dog, but since it was not, the whimpers of his pet/friend go unnoticed, instead he continued on his blabber when he was able to stand up. “Why that idiot?? I’ll show him!! Choosing mission over me? Who does he think he is, taking me for granted? Just he wait..”

Kiba walked away while grumbling ‘bout stupid lovers that has no priorities and ‘not having some’. Akamaru, still whimpering apathetically, followed.

Blushing at the remark, the blond, who was rooted at the spot, could only sweatdrop. While the Kyuubi snickered.

3 hours and 33 minutes left…

“I can’t because I’m going with Gai-sensei,”

“You’re joking right?” he asked the teen in front of him aghast.

“No,” Lee answered shaking his head, “I asked Sakura-chan to come with me but she declined. I cried and Gai-sensei said that a youth must never cry and should spread the burning flame that resides within, so to make me happy he asked me!” the spandex teen was almost hopping up and down in his happiness on retelling his sensei’s ‘words of wisdom to live by the youths.’

Naruto’s head is spinning. All he knows was that he was asking fuzzy brows on a date for the dance but the next thing he knew was he was being told by a love story in a most ridiculous //disgusting/astounding/shocking –take your pick// way. Taking a deep, deep breath, Naruto tried controlling the shaking of his body. Smiling weakly, he croaked “That’s good. Err.. I’ve gotta go now to find a date. I’ll see you later, ok?”

“Yosh that’s the youthful spirit, Naruto-kun!” he cried happily, tears of happiness flooding his cheeks.

“All right, that is too damn creepy,” he muttered walking away.

‘Why should it be?’ Kyuubi asked with a hint of teasing in his voice ‘After all if your dear Kaka-sensei asked you, you’d-’

“Don’t. Even. Think. About. It.” he gritted out, trying to erase on his mind a scene of his crush dancing with him. He felt some tingly feeling at his stomach just at the thought of it.

2 hours and 58 minutes left…

“There’s food there right? So OK,” said by a fat teen who was munching a big pack of chips.

Naruto was about to breathe a sigh of relief when Akimichi Chouji speak again.

“Oh, wait I forgot, Ino already asked me.”

Only to be crestfallen for the nth time that day. Then remembering something from the Akamichi’s words “Ino asked you?” he asked incredulously.

“Yeah, apparently Sasuke rejected her offer, so she said that I must go with her. No buts.” Chouji relayed.

‘Sasuke rejected Ino. Sasuke.. Sasuke… that’s right, Sasuke!’ grinning happily, he jumped and hugged the teen, “Thanks Chouji!”

‘How could I forgot to ask Sasuke? To think that we are always together.’ He asked bemusedly to himself as he trudges to the Uchiha mansion leaving a confused fat teen that had his mouth hanging open at his wake.

2 hours and 12 minutes left…

‘Now I know why I forgot to ask him’. The vessel thought ruefully as he looked at the Uchiha’s impassive face on the door of the mansion.

“I’m not going,” Sasuke said icily.

“Bu-but Sasuke!” he argued.

“Urusai dobe,” the raven-head snapped, efficiently stopping the blond’s argument. He narrowed his eyes and mumbled to himself ‘don’t want to be mobbed by rabid fangirls’.

“What’s that?” Naruto asked curiously.

“I’m not going and that’s final.”


The next thing Naruto knew was that he was facing a door and his nose was sore.

“Bastard!” he yelled angrily.

23 minutes and 15 seconds left…

“Sigh, I guess this means that we aren’t going to the dance.” Naruto said softly to his demon-counterpart. He was sitting at the junction of the Fourth’s and Third’s head monument and was watching the Shinobes litter the dance hall with their partners. The hall’s door will only be opened when the village’s clock chimed 7:00 pm. The sun had already set leaving the village in a orangey color.

‘Don’t worry about it Kit, on the next Spring Dance we’ll make sure that you’ll have a date three months before the dance,’ Kyuubi tried pacifying the depressed vessel.

“Maybe.. but still,” he sighed deeply again, then his eyes turned glassy, “it’s just that, my friends will go there. Even Iruka-sensei is going there. Ero-sennin and Tsunade-baa-chan is going there. And I’m here..” he murmured softly in the wind.

“Naruto what are you doing here? The spring dance is about to start.” A tall masked-jounin asked curiously. He was walking aimlessly at the setting sun’s basked light, because he don’t have any intention on going to the dance, especially when the one he wants to be with was probably bouncing in the front of the hall right now, chatting loudly and happily, when he noticed a lone figure sitting at the monument. Against his will he walked stealthily to the figure and was surprised to see the loud blond staring sadly at the hall.

Naruto looked up and saw his former sensei holding his beloved book on his left hand though for once he wasn’t reading it, instead, looking at him intently, “I’m not going.” He answered lightly, trying to hide his sadness. He turned his head away and looked again at the Shinobes that were crowding the roads.

“Why not?” he pressed on then sat himself beside Naruto.

“Cause I don’t have a date.”

“You don’t?” Kakashi asked with one eyebrow up.

“Nope” he smiles wryly. ‘No one wants to come with me’, he added mentally. “What about you, Kakashi-sensei?”

Kakashi merely shrugged in response. Naruto saw the gesture from the corner of his eyes then decided to not pry at his teacher’s answer, his too contented in wallowing on self-pity.

The silver-haired man, however felt pity for the boy… and something else… he knew that finding a date would be hard for the boy because of the demon inside him, but not this hard….

After some minutes of silence they heard the chime

Dong!! Dong!! Dong!! Dong!! Dong!! Dong!! Dong!!

The crowd at the front of the hall erupted in a loud cheer as the door burst open to allow them in.

When Naruto saw them piling in he felt his eyes water. And Kakashi feeling a tug at his heart at the teen’s vulnerable state, talked to break the silence, and to try to uplift the teen’s spirit “Why don’t you change your clothes now? I’m going to find a date for you.”

“Really?” the vessel asked looking hopefully in Kakashi’s dark eye.

“Yes, the dance is just starting anyway so if you meet your date in about 30 minutes you could still enter.” He said calmly, dark eye softening when he saw the obvious happiness on his former student’s eyes.

“Thank you! Thank you, Kaka-sensei!” he cried happily hugging his former sensei in the waist. He let go immediately and blushed before sprinting and yelled happily, “I’ll meet you and my date on the bridge in half an hour!”

“Wouldn’t you be surprised to see you’re date.” The masked Jounin whispered with a small smile, when he saw the blond teen running happily home.


comments are appreciated.... and the pic is not mine i just found it, and please please whoever the owner of this pic, please don't kill me, i just really like this pic... ja ne!!
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